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Burleson & Craig is a firm led by a pair of attorneys with more than 30 years' experience.

Burleson was a top Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) prosecutor and also served as an Assistant District Attorney.

Craig was a Legislative Liaison for the City of Houston. Backed by a knowledgeable, experienced staff, this team focuses on assisting the Texas alcoholic beverage industry at the retail, wholesale, and distributor levels.

Don't stagger through the very complex process of applying for a new or renewed TABC license. We can help you keep it simple.

We also assist with leases, leasing issues, bonding, restaurant or bar sales contracts, partnership agreements, corporate formation and compliance, license violation issues, TABC hearings, Comptroller Tax audits, and other vital matters related to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Three Compelling Reasons to have an
Attorney Help File Your Application

Protect Your Sensitive Information from Public Scrutiny

When you provide sensitive information to a regular licensing agency, that material is not protected by attorney-client privilege. Which means others can have access to your private data. One more reason more and more savvy bar and restaurant owners are using our services.


Have a Legal Team Ready to Assist You With Future Needs

If we do your license work, and TABC, sales tax, or other related problems arise from your operations, our legal team is on your side. We know your business and can immediately assist you with structuring a strong response.


It Does Not Cost Any More to Have Burleson & Craig File Your Application

Our rates for assisting with new TABC license applications and for license renewal are among the lowest in Texas. So you can receive the advantages of having our firm's added levels of assistance without added financial burden.

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